Certificate In Commercial Kitchen Online Exam Details

This rating reflects the role of a restaurant chef who acts as a manager or team leader and can also be found in restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, coffee shops, cafes and coffee shops. This nationally recognized qualification enables you to develop a wide range of team leadership and supervisory skills from time to time, independently or under the limited guidance of others, or at your discretion.

Hands-on training is required to achieve certificate IV in commercial cookery tests. 

In this process, job placement is an important part of success. Teachers secure unpaid jobs through hospitality facilities or organize paid jobs in policy-approved commercial kitchens. This happens after gaining sufficient knowledge to do the job safely.

The testing authority supports and monitors job placement and provides lifetime records (secured by the job manager to verify service experience). 

During the scheduled service period (morning, lunch, or dinner), you must complete 180 hours of job placement, work as a cook in a real industrial setting, and receive training and assessment in the classroom. As part of the working hours, you must complete at least 12 supervisory shifts in the second semester. To meet this requirement, it is best to find gainful employment. Your teacher will tell you if your homework is appropriate.

At the time of publication, this rating does not apply to any specific work license, certification, or legislative requirements. 

Conditions of participation

  • More than 10 years
  • Must be 18 years of age or older to operate devices that provide alcohol and/or gaming management services following NSW Gaming and Alcoholic Drinking Regulations. 

Eligibility criteria

The students must be certified General English Program provided by NSW and academic IELTS or equalling certification.

Course summary and components 

To obtain certificate iv in commercial cookery, it is necessary to complete all the core components and, if possible, several additional components.

Note: Additional components include required and optional components, which can vary from semester to campus, and some considerations apply, including the rules for qualifications and requirements of those components.

Exam information 

Students who complete this program will receive credits from the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Training Packages and will demonstrate various relevant skill levels.

 Additional cost 

The periods and duration of enrolment may vary depending on the institution you are studying, the admission requirements and year in which you begin to study.

Additional fees for outfits, tools, manuals, and supplies (if applicable) range from $ 300 to $ 1,000 per program.

Job opportunities

Chef and cook and chef

Take your service skills and knowledge to the next level:

Hotel Management Diploma or Advanced Diploma

Industrial demand

In Australia, an average of 24 million people eats 2-3 times a week. The food industry is strong and is expected to grow by 2023 in three years.

The demand for restaurants is increasing, with a focus on busy lifestyles, food culture and healthy food options. Chef supplies in New South Wales are rare, and this shortage has plagued the industry in the past three years.