Small Business Management Exam – Certificate IV

This course explains how to make a small business plan and how to design a digital action plan to achieve your goals. There are WHS marketing, finance, management and implementation, policy and program units of study to meet legislative requirements. From a modern perspective, this certificate provides environmentally sustainable work practices and cloud computing technologies for business operations.

 Course structure

The NLP in Melbourne standard course lasts 12 months and within an autonomous online learning environment. Upskilled collects information on previous experiences and skills, weekly learning appointments, and online learning experiences to provide you with estimated course duration based on your situation. Upskilled uses MyUpskilled to manage course delivery and evaluation. This means that you can learn at your own pace.

 Conditions of participation

 There are no participation requirements in the training package for this qualification.

The certificate IV in small business management online may be current business employees or may wish to manage small businesses.

 As a guide, participants in this program can:

 Completed 12th grade in compulsory education

Certificate II or III in similar fields

There are some work records in related fields.

 You can advance faster in your course by completing the interview process with a designated Upskilled representative to verify eligibility for the program and review current skills and experience.

This rating is appropriate for private company directors who utilize very much created innovation and an expansive information base to tackle an assortment of erratic issues and dissect and assess data from different sources. They can give initiative and direction to other people and are answerable for the aftereffects of others. Learn more about lifecoaching.

 To ensure participants have seamless access to online learning platforms and video content, they need access to the latest high-speed Internet computers. Participants must have basic computer skills and may need to complete language skills and arithmetic assessments before confirming registration.

  Experienced courses include specialized learning materials and access to:

Upskilled MyUpskilled’s personalized online learning platform

Student support services

Trainer / Trainer through the student’s message system

Webinars; Live and recorded sessions

Access to video content through:

LinkedIn Learning

Advanced Learning / Credit Transfer Recognition

 Your professional experience or formal qualifications may be reflected in your course. If you have previously studied at an accredited institution or have relevant work experience, you can earn credits for specific units of the course. Shorten your study time. During the registration process, you can submit your credit transfer or RPL request.


 Upskilled considers the student to be competent using evidence gathered from various sources. The evaluation process may include some or all of the following:

 Previous learning recognition and/or credit recognition

Summary and training challenges

A written report and / or portfolio evaluation

Scenario and / or case study


Written / oral questions

 Upskilled maintains regular training and evaluation contacts with participants and employers (if applicable). Important program dates are identified so that participants can meet evaluation deadlines and attend monthly webinars as needed.